• To assist the individual to resolve his/ her concerns.
• Provide better understanding of self so that they are able to regulate their emotions in a more effective manner.
• Enhance emotional competence for holistic development
• Promoting life skills like: decision making, problem solving.
• Facilitating and empowering the individual to develop his/ her potential to cope with life stresses and references.


CONFIDENTIALITY: - confidentiality is our principle for work.
TRUST: - relationship between the counsellor and client depends on trust.
NON-JUDGEMENTAL: - we will not be judgemental towards the individual / concern.
ACCEPTANCE: - there will be acceptance without being unbiased.
SENSITIVE AND EMPATHIC: - we will be sensitive and try understanding the concern from the individual’s perspective.
HOLISTIC APPROACH: - we look at things in a broader and holistic perspective leaving no room for any bias or ignorance.